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Strategy, Website

Wara is a Belgian family-business that has existed for over 60 years. It started as a corner store, but quickly expanded its collection. It now consists of a kitchen/bathroom store, two electronic stores, a furniture/decoration department, a hardware store and a gas station.


But like every business, it can be hard to keep up with modern times. Shopping moved online and so should your brand. After developing a webshop, Wara was looking at what their next steps would be. How could they integrate an established and successful physical store – where they value personal customer services and optimized sales assistance – with a very ‘unpersonal’ online shop.


I helped Wara find their new online values, and together we established their USPs and created a brand image that fits in modern times. I helped them shift their marketing focus from offline to online, by creating social media strategies and email marketing strategies. Furthermore, I helped with the development of their brand image in offline marketing.


With such a big online store and range of products, the website’s SEO needed a boost. I optimized the existing landing pages – and created SEO-friendly copy for all parents and subcategory pages. With a stronger website in place, I also started running Google Ads, bringing an increase in website traffic to their website.

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