February 12, 2019 -


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FirstIn is a Daily Deal site based in New Zealand that is specialised in technology. They offer refurbished and new products – and always manage to offer competitive prices to their customers. As a family business, they have a strong and beautiful brand story, where they want to make tech more accessible for everyone, but they were lacking the right way to communicate this to the world.

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I helped FirstIn with a brand identity that connects with their audience. By looking at their team, their mission and their values, I created an overview of what makes the company so unique. I developed detailed buyer personas, based on their customer base and surveys that were conducted with loyal customers. Based on these personas, we developed a customer journey that revealed their pain points in the process of buying technology. With a good idea of both the company’s characteristics and its customers, I could design a brand story that would last.   

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When creating their brand story, I focused on two factors. First of all, they are a family business. They offer the warmth and comfort you get from your family and the assistance where needed. It’s a company that you can trust – and we wanted to translate this in all their communication.


That’s why we decided on a very personal approach. Their tone-of-voice should be comforting, familiar in a way that you would talk to your brother or sister. They are fun and you can laugh with them, but they’re also full of good advice. Concrete, we translated this into a social media strategy that connects with customers on a personal level. We included tips & tricks, videos, live Q&As next to their more promotional posts. We reached out to customers with emails, offering them tips and tricks regarding their technology and we established a strong customer service for people to fall back on.

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Secondly, we focused on their mission to make tech accessible to everyone. We chose the tagline tech as it should be as a base for our brand positioning strategy. The idea was that tech is rapidly changing, which can be overwhelming for a lot of people to follow up on. That’s why FirstIn would like to bring technology as it should be: simple, honest, real & fun.


By making technology easy for everyone, they had to stay away from the geeky tech talk companies like to use often. Instead, they were aiming to build a relationship of trust by using easy wordings, adapted to their audience. They offered honest advice, without just focusing on their sales figures. And because they’re a small family business, they find all their products and solutions themselves.

Based on this brand story, I helped FirstIn to redefine their USPs. We focused on 3 main principles, being:

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With their clearly defined brand story and unique characters in mind, we could develop a social media strategy and an editorial calendar, and set up email campaigns in order to engage with customers.