How A Ghostwriter Can Help Your Marketing Efforts

Cobi Claesen

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A blog is an important platform for your website. It’s not only a great way to improve your SEO with fresh content updates but also gives you the opportunity to work on your inbound marketing – by offering valuable information to your customers. You can create tutorials on how to use your products or give the latest updates or create inspirational content for your customers to engage with.

Another benefit of a blog is that it can help you in creating your brand story. This can be done by stating your mission and values in articles or offering some behind-the-scenes insights into the daily life of your business. Meet-the-team series are a great way of doing this, or some articles that are written by your CEO or other members of the team.

Realistically, not everyone in your company is a writer. Your brilliant CEO might have the greatest ideas when it comes to innovating strategies to grow your platform but doesn’t know how to write engaging stories. Or your CFO might be a genius with numbers – but the grammar nazis online would have the time of their life correcting his writing. Even though these people would that would have some valuable information to offer – which would be great to share with the world – they might not be able to put it into words.

That’s where a ghostwriter comes in. A ghostwriter is a copywriter, that knows the best tips and tricks when it comes to blog or content writing. They have a deep understanding of SEO and are able to enchant readers with stories on the broadest topics imaginable.

What does a ghostwriter do

A ghostwriter is a skilled writer, that will write copy for your website or blog – but not under his or her own name. They will offer the content as if it was written by somebody else – like the CEO or CFO mentioned above – and write from their point of view. This means ghostwriters don’t take credit for their work.


A ghostwriter might come in handy for your blog, but it doesn’t stop there. Ghostwriters are everywhere and help the less-skilled writers out in various ways. From writing the memories of a politician to creating the copy for a new website – there’s always a ghostwriter available that can help you out with your job.

Finding a ghostwriter for your business

There are plenty of ghostwriters that are able to help you out with your copy, but you need to find the right match for your brand. This means you want to find somebody that sticks to the tone-of-voice of your company and translates your values into their writing style. You don’t want somebody to write you a very technical and informal text, if you whole company is built around the principle of having easy-to-understand, transparent and casual communication with your audience.

That’s why it’s important to first have a look at the portfolio of your writer. What have they done before and how is their writing? What topics have they written about before? Are they familiar with the jargon you’re looking for? Keep in mind that copywriters can wear many hats – so don’t just base your opinion on one or two articles.

Another great aspect is your personal connection. The copywriter will be writing as if he or she was you – so you want to have a click with the person you’re dealing with. You want to make sure they understand exactly what you’re looking for, and will keep this in mind when writing the article.

How does it work

When working together with a ghostwriter the briefing is highly important. This will give your copywriter all the valuable information needed for the article. If you decide to give an online briefing, make sure your point-of-views and opinion are clear, and the writer knows what to work with.

However, I would always recommend a personal meeting or video chat in order to achieve the best results. When you explain in your own words what your opinion on a certain topic is, the more likely it is that your copywriter will be able to translate your unique character and views on the matter into the article. Furthermore, it offers a great way of building a personal relationship with your copywriter.

Another way of getting help from a ghostwriter is just sending in your drafts or rough ideas and let the writers do their magic. And the more you trust your ghostwriter, sometimes you don’t even need that much. You can just offer them a title or a concept – or even let them come up with something themselves.



Ghostwriters are a great way of creating quality content for your company that you can take all credit for. If you’re interested in working with a ghostwriter, feel free to have a look at my writing – and don’t forget to say hello!